Sunday Service w/ Special Guest Matt Slick (CARM)

Who is Matt Slick? Matt Slick is the founder and president of CARM, the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry,  Matt was raised in a nominally Christian home. He got involved in the occult at an early age but met Jesus when he was 17.  He was a pastor and now runs CARM full-time. He …

Church in the Park 08/06/2023

Hello! We will be having church in the park this coming Communion Sunday August 6th. We will meet at our normal time at Paul Ream Park. Driving instructions to the park can be found below. There will be music and a potluck to follow the sermon. God bless!

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Good afternoon! Our sermons are now available on Spotify for replay, for those who wish to listen to Rudy or any of our speakers on the fly! We’re always looking to add additional podcast distributors, so please like and subscribe to Calvary City on a Hill on your favorite platform!

Church in the Park

Good morning! Next Sunday we will be having church at Paul Ream Park. We will be celebrating Communion and a potluck will follow the service! For directions, a map and address are below.

2023 Calendar Update

The Site Calendar has been updated with 2023 Sunday Services, Bible Studies, and Prayer Meetings. Please let me know if there are any additional events or adjustments that need to be made. -Brendon

Guest Speaker – Matt Slick (C.A.R.M.)

Good evening! On Sunday, October 2nd, we will be privileged to have Matt Slick of Christian Apologetics Research Ministries (CARM) speaking to us over the pulpit. Please come join us at 11:00 AM that morning to fellowship and worship the Risen Christ! God Bless! To see more from Matt Slick and CARM, please visit their …