April, 2017

April 30, 2017

Pastor Rudy is taking a break this week, so Kerry filled in for him with an untitled message focused on Abraham & Issac.

“Kerry’s Message”


April 23, 2017

Rudy’s message for this week is a follow up from last week, called “He is Still Risen!”

“He is Still Risen!”


April 16, 2017

Happy Resurrection Sunday!! Our message this week is focused on the Resurrection of Christ, as we read through Luke 24.

“He IS Risen!”


April 9, 2017

This week is Palm Sunday, and being the week just before Easter Sunday, Rudy’s message was focused on the crucifixion of Christ, titled “Accursed!”



April 2, 2017

Welcome to April! Rudy’s first message of the month is titled “Betrayed & Left Alone!”

“Betrayed & Left Alone”